Things to Know About Firstblood’s App & Tokens

Firstblood is a decentralized autonomous network for esports that builds never-ending competitive gaming apps for the enthusiastic gaming community. It is a big platform for online competitive gaming tournaments. For those having craze for playing Dota2 and PUBG, Firstblood has rewarding games in which you will never lose your interest. Thousands of users are taking advantage of the Firstblood’s crypto app to get access to these games. A complete list of popular games is available on the pages of the Firstblood website. You can search the content and find a ranking for these games.

Firstblood's Token

Firstblood’s token

You would be interested to know more about Firstblood token. Firstblood’s Token is a cryptocurrency token and operates on the Ethereum platform. The token was sold out in September 2016 in a presale. Firstblood’s app is an interest in the gaming community, but there is something to know how this app will work. The future plans for integrating the app with the 1ST token is not yet clear. Firstblood is soon going to release the whitepaper on the working of its app.

How these tokens will be used was originally the official website for the FirstBloodDapp. The FirstBlood Dapp trusts on the Firstblood’s token (1ST) as a means of placing bets on Esports outcomes. These tokens are to be used by the players for use as prizes in esports competitions. The tokens actually serve as a third-party escrow system through a smart contract. The token holder may serve as a witness by running a witness node software on his computing device. Their services as a witness are rewarded with 1ST tokens.

Firstblood's Token

Clarification is still needed

There is a sort of anonymity on the working of the Firstblood app and the tokens. There are certain things that need t to be made open to the public. But when this is going to happen? There is still a controversy on many issues unless the whitepaper makes the clarification.

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