PUBG Tournaments

PUBG Tournaments – Basic rules

PUBG Tournaments by FirstBlood are held almost every day. Each tournament brings with itself specific rules and regulations and is open to participating players of a specific region. The regions include – USA East, Europe, Peru and South East Asia.

PUBG Tournaments

The FirstBlood PUBG Tournaments each have around 8 slots. There is no entry fee necessary to register yourself for the game. The format is usually of single elimination and the round starts as soon as there are eight players in the pool. The games are usually timed at 15 minutes and the structure is that of BO1. The game mode is that of 1v1 Solo Mode or 5v5 Captain Mode and the difficulty varies from easy to medium to hard. Each tournament brings with it different prizes and rewards.

The basic rules for all the PUBG Tournaments are more or less the same. There are certain prerequisites which a player must adhere to before applying to participate in the tournament.

PUBG Tournaments

The necessary prerequisites are as follows –

  • Whether a player enters the game solo or as a team, they will have to adhere to all the rules and regulations as are mentioned in the tournament.
  • All the players will have to be at least 18 years of age, before participating.
  • FirstBlood will be confirming all the details put forth by each participant to see whether they are following all the rules given. If they notice discrepancies in the information provided by any participant or member of a team then they have the right to cancel the participation of the individual as well as the team from the tournament, even after it is finished.
  • In case you have doubts regarding the tournament, whatever it might be, you can always get in touch with them at support@firstblood.ioor the specific TO’s website.

Happy gaming!

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