Jewellery styles that are trending this year

It is well understood that jewellery is an easy and effective way to bring about that much desired well balanced sartorial excellence we all strive towards.

Sifting through the runway imagery, response of the mainstream fashion towards them and what have been the take of celebrities and fashion influencers towards them, it has become quite clear which jewellery styles  are going to reign the charts and hearts this year.

Listed below are the jewellery styles that are being predicted as clear winners coming season and how you can successfully work them into your individual style :

  • Shell jewellery

Shell jewellery has managed to become one of the trendiest pieces out there this season. This trend can be incorporated in numerous ways, be it a shell encrusted hair slide, shell incorporated earrings, to shell-adorned necklaces, bracelets and anklets.

  • Craft jewellery

Craft jewellery has also managed hit the spot for all fashion enthusiasts out there. Featuring alternative materials like wood and beads the trend manages to bring together both unique artisanal craftsmanship and simple toy like creations as equally valuable items to be paired with anything and everything.

  • Abstract jewellery

Abstract jewellery celebrates the unexpected, innovative and artistic take on existing trends lending the wearer a classy, arty and futuristic aesthetic in any form it is worn.

  • Butterfly motif jewellery

A simple yet classy butterfly motif has made a huge comeback this year. Be it in the form of a timeless design like a simple but well made butterfly pendant necklace or an enchanted necklace layered with a plain gold chain, they look good no matter what the year or season it is. This trend can also be incorporated in the form of gold butterfly hairclips as well as intricate butterfly brooches.

  • Hoops

Hoops are one of those jewellery trends that will never go out of style. Every season, we see a few tweaks and iterations of it that make this earring even more relevant than before. Currently, it has taken on a bulkier shape, making it impossible to miss next to your stunning face.

  • Dainty charms

This nostalgic jewellery trend we all adored as a child is officially back. This is a trend in particular which you can totally customise, as the options of charms are endless. Add your favourite charms to your necklaces and bracelets to add that chic quotient to your ensemble.

So this year incorporate these jewellery styles to elevate your daily wardrobe.

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