Involuntary Garage Door Operation Can be Worrisome

A lot of times, property owners may find out that their garage door may be operating randomly. In such a case, the door may open or close on its own even when it is not being operated upon by the owner! The condition has also been highlighted by and care must be taken to address the issue so that it does not become a security scare. Apart from being a security threat, it can also be dangerous for kids or pets moving near the gate and accident may occur.

This type of situation is also very common with remotely operated gates and so it becomes important to focus on how such a condition can happen and what steps can be taken to prevent them. The professionals at ColumbusGarageDoorPros have come out with the reasons that may be responsible for such a condition that is discussed here.

  • Always keep an eye on the transmitter – Columbus Garage Door Pros suggest that the first thing that should be checked in this type of problem should be the transmitter as the problem may happen due to the transmitter being under the physical weight of any other item. If that is the case then its control mechanism will get depressed leading to the self-operation of the gate. Hence, it is always advisable to keep the transmitter in a safe place so that it does not land somewhere where it can be under a heavy object and that can lead to a random gate operation.
  • The frequency range should also be checked – If there is no problem with the transmitter, there can be issues related to its frequency range at which it operates. Someone in the neighborhood may have a similar frequency range so that when they operate their gate, the same thing happens over here. That again calls for a specialist’s intervention and must be addressed by changing the working frequency of the transmitter.

In most cases, the transmitter and its frequency can be responsible for this type of malfunctioning and experts can help in finding the cause and suggesting a suitable remedy.

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